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  • Welcome to HIOSSEN.com
    As your assistant and partner, HIOSSEN helps dentists deliver quality dental care by providing the highest level medical treatment.

    Due to the aging of the population and escalating income levels, dental implants, known as the revolution of the 20th century dentistry, are rapidly being institutionalized worldwide.

    HIOSSEN established its head office and manufacturing facilities in Philadelphia. We are now leading the global technical development of dental implants based on systematic research and development and clinical studies. We also operate a systematic production system with state-of-art facilities, dedicating ourselves to quality assurance.

    In addition, HIOSSEN operates our own professional implant training programs and delivers world-class staff, first-rate lectures, and various experiments to help dentists who want to acquire a variety of implant clinical knowledge and learn effective implant procedures.

    Guided by our ambitious plans, HIOSSEN is setting our sights on becoming the world’s leading company in the dental industry in the 21st century in the course of realizing our management philosophy of “abundant and healthy life for mankind.”

    Thank you very much.
  • Kyoo-Ok Choi, HIOSSEN CEO (DDS, Phd)