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  •    Dr. Gary Klein: General Dentist: Harrisburg, PA
  • After taking Dr. Goodman's course (AIC Implant Training), I decided that placing implants could be a part of my General Practice. Implants are now the MOST predictable thing that I do in my office (my class II composites are not going to last 30 yrs!). Placing implants are a tremendous service to my patients.

    I still refer a large percentage of implants to the specialist, but just like endo, oral surgery, and prosthetics, I do the "easy" ones. If you are conservative, go slow, and pick the right cases, implants can be a productive procedure in your general practice as well.
  •    Dr. Taurance Bishop: General Dentist: Newark, DE
  • After taking AIC implant training, I obtained a better understanding of implant restorations and placement. I incorporated implant placement into my practice in 2007. This has been the single best addition to my practice. The course taught me case selection and when to refer. I have been playing it safe in the molar and premolar regions. I would definitely recommend integrating implants into your practice.
  •    Dr. Gregg Fink: General Dentist: Newark, DE
  • I took the Osstem AIC implant training from Sept-Nov of '07. It was a great platform for me to start placing implants (easier than a molar root canal by far). The live placement is really what puts it over the top versus most other courses out there.

    After my training, I started slow, and wanted to place one implant every month for the first year. It's now 16 months later and I have placed 19 implants(just did 5 in the last 2 weeks, including a 3 implant case of 4, 5, 6), placed about two dozen bone grafts/socket preservations, and have about a 6-10 cases (from 1-4 implants at a time) that should be getting done in the next 2-3 months. Bottom line is that this course was what helped me get to the advanced-novice stage of implant practice.
  •    Kelvin B. Smith, D.D.S / Baltimore, MD
  • Thank you for the AIC Basic Dental Implant Training course. The course was presented clearly on a step by step basis so that a dentist with no implant experience could confidently place implants. The course and the instructor were great.

    This implant hands-on course was helpful in understanding the surgical placement of implants. The live surgery experience was an excellent training opportunity.

    I would encourage any general dentist interested in placing implants to take the HIOSSEN Basic Implant Training Course..
  •    Bryan D. Wood, D.D.S / Alexandria, VA
  • The AIC Basic Implant course is the best course that I’ve taken so far. The fact that I was able to place an implant on one of my own patients was the deciding factor for me. It helped me to see the confidence I knew I already had and has already made an impact on the success of my practice. I would highly recommend this course to any G.P who needs to take that next step. .
  •    Dr. Sandhya Pal / Reston, VA
  • The valuable information taught in this course gave me the knowledge and confidence to place implants. I believe the team of instructors provides an organized and systematic lesson plan. The opportunity to place an implant under the mentorship of specialists through a live surgery is the best part of the course. I highly recommend it to dentists who have any interest in placing implants. .
  •    Mira Dental Care Tareq Mogharbel, D.D.S / Falls Church, VA
  • AIC course was educative to the point, very helpful, understanding different aspects of implant dentistry; also live surgery was a great hands-on experience. Price and food were excellent..
  •    Dr. Norman Wang : DAL
  • "I'm very impressed with Kris Boggus. She's professional, intelligent, intuitive, and has a great work ethic. I cant say enough good things about her and Osstem implants ."
  •    Dr. Lin Chang : DAL
  • Hiossen has great product, customer service, and personalized training classes, guide dentists step by step through the entire learning process, open the door of profitable implant dentistry for general dentists. My rep is Kris.
  •    Dr. Amy Bender : DAL
  • I have been very pleased with my representative from Osstem. Kris Boggus is very knowledgeable and helpful while I am still in my learning stages of implant placement. I feel like the system is user friendly and I feel comfortable with all the parts.
  •    Dr. William C. Roddy : DAL
  • I am pleased to tell all of you back at "headquarters" about the great staff you have here in Dallas! I am a general dentist that has extensive experience with a large number of dental implant companies. Your company products are top quality; a real bargain in comparison to their competitors. Even more admirable is the very hard working group you have here in Dallas. Johan has stepped up admirably, he has inherited a very tough job. Kris Boggus my rep of three years, Sooman, and Kim are among the absolute finest reps I have been associated with. As some of you well know, working with dentists is not easy; getting them to consider something new is a real challenge. The Dallas Osstem Group patiently and respectfully use their admirable implant knowledge and interpersonal skills to gradually influence local dentists to try something new- and better in so many aspects. I hope you all are as proud of them as I am! Respectfully submitted, Dr. William C. Roddy ABGD
  •    Dr. David Crouch : SG
  • “Since I switched to Hiossen Implants, I don’t have to worry about entire stock management. Furthermore, its amazing stock policy guaranteed me with worry free surgery.”
  •    Dr. Rhett Szu : SG
  • “Live surgery during the course gave me confidence that I can truly perform implant surgery by myself.”
    “In the beginning I had doubt about this course. But I finished it and am placing implants myself. I did it and you can do it”
  •    Dr. Lilia Martinez : LA
  • Incredibly impressed with the organization and presentation of the amount of information presented by the instructors in such a short period of time.
    Extremely helpful and very informative.
    I have already and hope to motivate more colleague to take this great course!
    Love Love Love it!!!
  •    Dr. Benjamin Szu : LA
  • The Live Surgery Component of this course has been absolutely critical in making me confident to begin placing implants in my practice.
  •    Dr. Yara Lopez : LA
  • AIC Training Center has excellent support that continues offer you finish the course.
    It’s a must course for any dentist that wants to pursue dental implants.
  •    Dr. Shiqeru Takehan : LA
  • I was a little reluctant to take the class. In the beginning, I was more interested in going to the USC football game.
    The Class became more interesting and I ended up missing the games.
    Great Class.