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    Open the package along the indicated line. The package includes a HM Implant, manual and chart stickers.
  • 2.
    Remove the back of blister (sterilized condition is not guaranteed once the blister is removed).
  • 3.
    Remove the cap and the abutment part is exposed. Align the arrow mark on the driver with the cross section of the implant when you connect it. If a secure connection is not made, try again.
  • 4.
    Take the implant out of the ampule and move it cautiously as the picture shows. Avoid contact with any objects and dropping the implant.
Final Drill Implant
Interference Recommendation
Ø1.5~1.8 Ø2.5 0.35~0.5 Drilling the length of the implant
Ø1.8~2.3 Ø3.0 0.35~0.6
* A larger diameter final drill should be used for harder bone.
Location How to use Recommendation
Anterior teeth Engine Short Type Driver
Posterior teeth Engine Long Type Driver
* Recommendations : 25 rpm, 30Ncm