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Hiossen's Crestal Approach Sinus KIT (CAS-KIT) is specifically designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxillary sinus from a crestal approach.

The key component of the CAS-KIT is the CAS-Drill. The unique design of the CAS-Drill enhances convenience and safety of maxillary sinus surgery by; safely lifting the membrane while drilling, precision cutting, flexible cutting speed from low to high speed (800rpm), formation of conical shaped bone chip, generation of bone particles, smooth & stable insertion, easy path correction and septum surgery.
  • - Safely and rapidly lifts the sinus membrane while drilling
  • - Unique Stopper system that prevents over drilling into the sinus cavity
  • - Hydraulic Lift System that easily & safely lifts the membrane
  • - Bone Carrier System for transferring and filling bone material
  • - Bone Spreading System for spreading & compacting bone material
  • - Simple and intuitive surgical system
  • - The ability to combine Osteotome in surgery
The CAS-Drill is designed to safely and rapidly lift the maxillary sinus membrane from a crestal approach. The CAS-Drill can be used for either general-straight or tapered fixtures. It is optimized for insertion torque, initial fixation strength, and tactile feedback when using Hiossen's HG III & OSSTEM's GS / TS III Fixtures.
  • - The atraumatic design of the drill tip allows the user to perform sinus surgery even if the sinus floor is flat, incline, or septum.
  • - It's design forms conical bone and bone chips.
  • - The CAS-Drill tip has an inverse conical shape. This shape will form a conical bone chip when drilling, which assists with safely lifting the membrane. In addition, bone particles generated when drilling discharge upwards, producing a Membrane Auto-Lift function.
  • - Membrane can safely be lifted.
  • - Drilling can be done at various speeds, from low to high speed (800rpm), allowing flexibility during surgery.
  • - The drill is designed with four blades which reduce deflecting off of the bone, and the straight sides dampen vibrations.
  • - Extraction of bone particles (at low speed of ~50rpm)
  • Generally, the CAS-Drill can be used up to 50 times.
  • The number of uses may vary depending on the type of bone.
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