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  • Dia. Concave type
    ( HOSOTCK )
    Expanding type
    ( HOSOTVK )
    Ø2.0mm OSOT20CA OSOT20EA
    Ø2.5mm OSOT25CA OSOT25EA
    Ø3.0mm OSOT30CA OSOT30EA
    Ø3.5mm OSOT35CA OSOT35EA
    Ø4.0mm OSOT40CA OSOT40EA

    ● Concave Osteotome : Use for maxillary sinus elevation for the vertical expansion of the volume of alveolar bone available in the maxillary posterior, includes OSOT20CA, OSOT25CA, OSOT30CA, OSOT35CA, OSOT40CA and OSOTMP

    ● Expanding Osteotome : Without cutting low-quality bone, the preservation of the bone densifys the bone trabeculato and enhances the initial bonding of implants. Includes: OSOT20EA, OSOT25EA, OSOT30EA, OSOT35EA, OSOT40EA and OSOTMP

    ● Stopper for the adjustment of surgical depth